Saturday, 19 July 2008

This colourful globe was hang in the sky by crane...below it is a dancer doing somersaults and twirling acts in it.*Stunned!
There is a piano recital and a ballet dancers perched on the grand piano and later "fly" in the sky!

This performer dances in the water...And did many amazing stunts too!*wow!

can u see the facial images casted onto the fountain?

The Art bug caught on me.

I cancelled 2 tuitions.
Went to school to do some drafting.
Later i met Rachel at tampines for some chit chat session.
I went to watch the aerial performance by Studio Festi from Italy with my cousin.
I asked her to try helping me find some useful contact regarding internship.
Then i met Yingster at Plaza Sing. I recognize her by her black glasses and her tote.

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