Saturday, 16 August 2008

Giving in to cravings...

Having great minds that think dear friends who owns a pair of wings with the same feathers.( adapted from "birds of the same feathers flock together)

Being absorbed into sketching and loss sights of everything...

Loving the richness of coffee mixed with chocolate and the light custard creme of my strawberry fantasy from TCC.

Walking around the airport alone to unwind and taking comforting naps on long journey bus.

I never felt so revitalized even though my week has not been smooth sailing...I guess God has a way to bless my pitiable soul.Thank You God for your unconditional love!

Many people has their own sacred dream...dreams that are essential to keep them going, dreams that are noble in their own terms..My dream is nonetheless a simple one. I shall keep it alive as long as i have breath to weave it out.

I am trying to search for inspiration for HEP 5. I already know what sort of material to use, i just need the story to backed it up. I want myself to stretch my limits...Hoping for a trip to OSAKA!

and And AND...hahaha..i think there are certain designer's essential.
  1. An iMAC, MacPro
  2. a car...i am wishing with all my might that i can own a Volkswagen Beetle or a nissan march.
  3. i think owning various version of camera is equally important too!*click click*zap zap~
So far that is what i think i shld save up for...haha=)

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