Wednesday, 4 June 2008

"Colour My Holidays Beautiful!"

My neighbours came for a house call with their ex-pet..Pepper.The little boy is named Nicholas and the little girl is called Nadine.
Pepper has this very doleful and soulful pair of beady eyes that seem to speak volumes=)

Days were also spent at my grandma's place...visiting my little adorable and beloving!=) i am totally bought over by all her little jaunty smile and quick picking-up of words.Can u imagine it?This little dear is barely 2 and can blabber adult-like words and give u this "awwww" kinda look?Constantly bringing joy with her smattering of incoherent baby talk/song chorus and impish mimicry of the adult conversational phrases.

Went to Shangrila Hotel for lunch buffet with my aunt and cousin at The Line.
Had a very fulfilling makan time there...
It is by far the best buffet lunch as it offers a wide selections of cuisine.Indian, chinese,western, japanese(sashimi..of tuna,mackeral,cod,squid and salmon),Italian and a seafood bar...Seriously love the fresh and has got this tangy after-taste(i ate it with a dash of lemon n tobasco sauce)...hmmm...well,another favourite will be the sweets they offer..sorbets/gelato/crazy ice-cream toppings with granola is awesome...tiramisu is the state-of-the-art kinda in the
p√Ętisserie genre?i dunno,but its really not one to be pass up.

hehe...i have been such a suah ku...but then again...i have been eating so many buffet,this one really offers a great menu that please my palate the most!

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