Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Random Pictures in My Camera Phone

Grape soda bought from Daiso together with Kyley...Hmm..its has a very gassy taste.
I drank it with a very floral mug i got from Tangs using the vouchures that my cell gave me as birthday present...Btw i smuggled the soda home...'Cos my aunt disapproves of me drinking sweet beverage...wahahha
I took this picture when i was in a taxi travelling along Shears Bridge...
Manage to capture Singapore Flyer in mesmerizing lights..woohhh..

These 3 pictures are basically when i was closing FRM's final project account statement...
I swear...these sales receipts almost drove me to the edge of going bonkers!
Cool right?Hate figures...i love the cash sales..when especially u see the dollars and cents coming in..But the calculation part is really a hard nut to crack...lols..

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