Sunday, 25 May 2008

< "Oh!It's just SOO..oooo GREAT!"

"This picture of Seoul's shopping district is so tempting!"

"This is without a mistake!OUR NYC!*hyperventilated*"

"i think Hokkaido is where u get to see many fascinating scenery,colourful culture as well as great food!"

"i want to visit this beautiful and magnificent castle in Germany"

" And finally,this will be our awesome new zealand"

I am so in need of a holiday...Aunt and uncle will be out of town to Batam this friday.I will be all alone for the weekend.Actually,i made a decision not to go with them.Mainly because my aunt is really a kan jiong spider..she had passed on her streak in me...haha.I do not like going on holidays with her now that i am all grown up.She tends to be a lot less tolerant about other people's mistakes and she will passed negative critics.She nags when her hormones went bonkers!That happen a lot of time.Especially when she is around unfamiliar and uncharted territories.

Today is just a day spend listening to conversations between people..Many church friends and acquaintances will be going on holidays this coming june.Lets see..we have lynette and kevin going to perth for 2 we have rachel and yanbing going to hongkong too.Another group going hongkong will be janey,shuyi and yingli.Qingnian is going Taiwan with his girlfriend and colleagues.

So where will Joy go?hmm..she will go snoozing at home,befriending the Juki machines in school and also her Singer baby at home..Probably she will just meet up with a few friends to chill in town or go night-cycling.Ehy...i think Joy will also have to work doubly hard as she has two full day tuition next week before the school holidays ends.oh oh oh...Joy wants an overdue holiday!Next year will be so impossible for her to go traveling.She will have her attachments and also her final year project.Damn stressful year ahead.Shit!On the other hand,she is also madly trying to save up for her driving lessons in September.Her target is $1000.I wonder if that is possible.*Sigh...

Maybe she can just travel online...go search out lovely images from for great holidays getaways...even that is not enough to quench her thirst for a relaxing and laid back holiday....Ahhhh!! mOre work after school starts are already driving her up the walls....

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