Sunday, 20 April 2008

I Made IT!!!!

I wanna proclaimed tt i made another fugly pouch for a friend!hahaha..sorry Lynette,u are gona be the the receiver!!!

i used the raw linen and a Japanese cotton of printed bunnies for the sewing project.I so hope tt i can afford an overlock machine...=.= Maybe that'll be my request for the day next yr on my birthday...*ting ting ting

i am coughing...probably cuz of the weird weather...super air-conditioned room,then out in the scorching sun,after which back in air-conditioned room or drenched in the rain....*sighs...luckily daphne promised to let me stand under her umbrella...wahahhaa(*think Rihanna)

Earlier on, caiying agreed to go jogging at the tampines stadium,too bad it was closed for S League.Tampines Rovers got the grounds.Alternatively,we went to try out the dumb gym which is located at the 2nd level overlooking the swimming complex.Giving it due credits,its quite a cool place to gym there,since the treadmills are all lined up along the glass panes,giving clear view of the pool and swimmers.*hoots

But then,the entry fee is darn screwed,the notice said tt student rate is $1.50,however they did not state the age limit.So i showed them my student card,intending to pay only $1.50.The cashier told me off that i am too old to pay only $1.50.What the hell.(totally no logic..student has got student rates cuz they are still schooling and not even earning huge income.Precisely the student rates are for this category..moreover,i am a full-time and not a part-time student.)Later on when we went up to the gym room.The old hag told us we need a towel to use the facility.I just give him the "duh" look...why on earth no body tell us when we pay for the entrance fee.If we know that its compulsory to have a towel,then we will immediately abort the idea to gym,no point at all.$2.50(entrance fee)+$1(towel)=$3.50!!!!So we went down to the cashier to ask for refund.The lady still got the cheek to tell us that a towel only cost $1 wat...i replied icily,"I think we have better use for the dollar and i want a refund by hook or crook."I am at boiling point liao man.She gave us her pissed off attitude.Returned us the money rudely.Crap!

So no exercising...we decided to walk all the way from tampines to simei's eastpoint mall.Had a hearty meal at the Istanbul's restaurant,drank Mr.Bean soya milk and eat toast at e Dessert House.*cheeros to my dinner!!

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