Friday, 18 April 2008

Thursday was a wrap!

The filming for a executive condo in Cairhill was completed..* happy.
I have been binging a lot of food since there is only one shoot that requires a changed of wardrobe.I waited from long man!
i was totally bored...i went into the showroom to peruse their fanciful collection of designer prints.I picked up Manolo Blanik and Audrey Hepburn's Biography.
Manolo's sketches are so inspiring.I did not know that there are actually so many million ways to create and fantasize about the design of a pair of shoes.All his creations are pieces of master art...*wow!
Audrey Hepburn's bio is equally interesting too..but then again..cuz of my heavy lunch,i fell asleep when i am on page 12...wahahaha..

*p.s: just a lil side my rush to be on shoot,i left my phone at home on my bed.I only realised it when i was on the cab to work.

Wednesday was a long and endless day of filming...

As an on set stylist assistant,i have been busy pressing out all the creases from the clothes and getting the talents to wear them on carefully.At the filming ground,i need to check if the talents' wardrobe is doing fine..etc.

I was introduced to Eleanor a.k.a Ah Nor..haha.She is a funny cute sia.When she talks,she often gesticulate a lot.Damn drama mama...Btw, Ah Nor is a makeup artist who is a total joker.

Met Claire Quirk,a 16 year old model.She was the lucky girl who wore those Moschino,Daniel Yam,Aldo,Monolo Blaniks,A.B.S, and the many other brand brand brand!!These stuff are all on after the shoot i got to return them at The Link, Hilton Hotel and Pattern at Wisma Atria.All the crazy posh places i will never have the chance to go in my next entire life.Unless of course i become a socialite..

While Eleanor was styling Claire's hair,i was nosy and so i went to disturb them.Ah Nor was swearing in hokkien when Claire's stubborn hair refuse to be manipulated by her brush.Claire was like so keen to learn the Hokkien vulgarities.The entire scene is so hilarious can..Especially when Claire used her ang-moh 's accent to pronounce the vulgar phrase.I was not someone who favour vulgarities, but that was some sight!hahahaha...

I dun like break time of the crew...cuz they likes to puff.These smokers are like really hardcore least smoke away 2 packets lor...too bad,i had to endure their 2nd puff...i in turn became a 2nd hand smoker...*sigh

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