Monday, 21 April 2008

Image Heavy Post!*Phew!took me such a long time to get them uploaded!

hihi..this is a very mischievous and clever feline...
Her name is Pumpkin.She is the cat i been talking about previously.
My student,Stefi, had adopted her from SPCA.
I love her grey stripes, we much like tigger...haha=)

Watch this tabby cat struts its stuff when i was in simei on my way back from tuition.
it seemed to like me,haha..kept curling around my legs and asking for petting.
I named it Ginger...i seldom see her since..BUT, i promise to keep my eyes open
whenever i walk pass the place i had last seen it.Such a sweet pea!!<3>

a linguine salmon cheese pasta from TCC.A rather sad order,cuz apparently,
it did not taste as nice as it looks.TCC is better at their sweets,Definitely not savories.
Another Ritter Sport!This one is better chomped down when it is chilled.The core of each broken piece,oozes a thick layer of chocolaty mousse.Totally and truly sinful.
This is eye-candy: the volkswagen cabrio convertible in old fashion vanilla yellow!I get to see it up close every time i goes for tuition at Seraya Rd.In love with it.I secretly coveted it and take liberal glances at it every time i walk pass it after tuition.Then it'll spark off my tiny fantasy and motivates me to work hard.Hope God allow such weakness..and bless me that car when i start working or married even..(*hees)
Ted Baker's VM never fails to surprise me.The bunny that u see actually "hops" by the mechanics of clockwork gears.Stops me in my path and immense in this Alice-in-the-Wonderland kinda mood...*happy!!!!lalalaallala

i saw her in her Vintage VESPA! I took notice of it when the scooter made its characteristic
"choot choot choot choot...." sound...haha..this is such a cool fashion style man.Man and Machine,totally melds into one!

Kaeting received her birthday present!Belatedly from the Bishan Neighbours cum sisters cum classmates of 6yr!Btw the package is called "Wu Liao"(chinese: simply translated in English,it means Random/Boredom/Whimsy.)Inside it contain a yellow "mutant" and a big head small bod cookie monster~~~"Urm um um rum um...i finished all the cookies!"

Kaeting + Daphne + Pearlyn in funny specs.These eye wears are each sold separately.Try to locate them in chinatown or FunkDeco,according to the girls.They look so nerd!its a compliment okay?haha

My cousin.She has grown quite a lot since i last saw her in March.Initially when i see her last sunday,she found me unfamiliar,so she wailed rather loudly.After the warming-up takes place,she felt less threatened already...aint she such a darling?xoxo

I love this piece of necklace.I am inspired to create an exact one.i might even sell it!Hahaha..according to some blog,its a necklace created by Stella McCartney.My source of inspiration!Locked!iN My MiNd!

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