Thursday, 27 September 2007

ooh..our class outing..haha.So the end
only 6 of us turned up..but we had lots of fun man!

Look at our Sunshine Smiles!!!Say cheez!!!*click*clicks...(busy taking pictures)

woah..the sun was too bright!i cun open my eyes

wide enough for the picture..hees..

We even wrote down names on the soft sandy beach!.........stacy!!!..thanks for bringing me out to i got sunburns on my shoulder super duper on about the sun,can!!Yeah..u must be doing because of Rain rite!!!Fancy his copper healthy tan lor..*_*

okies...thats all folks on the sentosa trip updates!!!Looking forward to out next trip during DES break!!This time round the others better be on lor...*hint hint..hees

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