Saturday, 29 September 2007

My Friday NightOut!--friendship episode 01

i am feeling light-hearted.As happy as a lark and a robbin in springtime!!!

Met up with secondary scoo blossom friend---Cheryl*

She brought Kendrick(her bro) out with her today...had dinner at Mos Burger..jOy's preferred choice of fast*_^

Kendrick was looking at its menu and he made a big joke..He shockingly told me that Mos sells "dog meat"..."Look!How come they sells PLAIN DOG,CHILLI DOG AND CHEESE DOG"

I laughed super hard and had to supress my giggles before i told him tt Mos dun sell dog meat...the names actually meant "hotdogs"....

Children are so random....lols

Thanks Cheryl for spending such a wonderful time with me...
The TCC drinking session was amazing..even u decided to lap my Azuki Coffee with me..sharing cake is so shiok!I know you can't forget the wonderful taste of the cheesecake we had at Cheesecake Cafe at Siglap..we shall go there next time k!Meet up soon!!!!ADIEU!!


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