Wednesday, 29 August 2007

sOMe random pics and thiNgs I did FOr the past fEW DAYs ANd HOUrs...

i was caught in a heavy downpour this afternoon,while waiting for fashion history and culture lecture to start.Wanted to get Oreo frappe from Jupiter cafe which was just a few steps from where Daph,Pearl and i settled down.I was caught off guarded.Was obviously drenched to the skin.Soak like a shaggy dog.*barks barks.LOL.I dare say i am a damsel in distress,albeit an ugly one.*laughs.Anyway,my fortune was not good enough to garner me a valour knight in shiny armour on mount a beautiful white stead to rescue me from my distressing predicament.i can dream on!lols!*_^


Yesterday i watched Blood Brothers with my cell.It was not an impressive production.The plot was weak,but there are some moral teachings to be brought home though.The most enjoyable part of the movie was Shanghai in its glitz and glamour nightclubs.I love the theme song.It was a really slow jazzy and sensuous song.ShuQi sang prettily in the show.I meant she looks great!Not that she can sing well..


I want to catch 2 other movies:Ratatouille and Hairspray.Cool man.Shall look for movie

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