Friday, 10 August 2007

*bleah!I have not started on my postcard designing project.Have been lazy.I kept telling myself i have to start soon since i don't have the Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop programme in my lappie.

Anyway,i had just promised Daphne that we are going back to school on friday.Finally man!i can do some better be a fruitful trip back to school man...i aim to do at least 2 postcards design by the end of 2 hours digital imaging!haha.

*shuck!i should turn in early then...tomorrow shall be a long day.Had to wake up early for tuition with Stefi,Aaron then YooSong.Oh ya!i must call up Nicholas' mum that sat lesson had to be cancelled!(my cousin is holding his wedding banquet @ Serangoon Country Club this sat)Pray that i will not forget...if not i had to face dire consequences.Oopsie!

Below are some photoshoots of our mini family gathering over at my gram's place!Uncle's birthday today too!His daughters are both so girly and adorable,can?!!U'll see two cakes.My aunt bought one and my uncle himself went to get one too! makes our dinner sweets to be ultra sinful as both cakes were loaded with chocs!

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