Friday, 24 August 2007

Wednesday 22.08.2007 was a breeze....

Cancelled all my tuition.Was feeling very moody,very drain.My body constitution was crumpling.Went to see a doctor.To get mc.Dr Ang was so nice.H e chat with me a while.Discuss about my bunions.Was told it was a architectural bone problem.May need to operate if i get bad pains around the area.Went home to have healthy meal.Den i was in front of the comp again to do a PowerPoint presentation of how fashion change and shift according to social changes.

Got out some old photographs of my aunt to do the compare of the past fashion and mine.I realised that i was very hopeless in finding nice photos that have nice profiles of me...So from now on,i am determine to do more camera whoring.Hopefully next time my kids can have a glimpse at their mom's fashion sense too.Haha..lols;O)

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