Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Great CHILLOUT!2 in 1!=)

Botak Jones offers really "DAMN GOOD FOOD, at a DAMN CHEAP PRICE"...

Well,everybody from alabaster cell was meet at Redhill mrt station then Dan and Call pa drove us to eat western food @ Botak Jones...Everyone was famished!Call pa must have nursed an empty stomach for a month!He ordered so many platter of food!Can die man!Hence,along the way back to the east,he kept burping.We had to immerse ourselves in his digested gas!A pungent mix of fermented meat,with onion and garlic.I crossed my heart man...he really had no qualms in offering "that" to a car-full of gentle ladies man!lol...haha...KILL ME!FEEL like PUKING!ahaha...(*no offense call pa...)

After dinner's sweets...i served up donuts from MUNCHY'S...Raphie was drop-dead crazy about them...her wire just went "hay"
During dinner,call pa made a double pun about call ma..which was pertaining to what he made her believe him to be...U both really deserve each other!haha...

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