Tuesday, 10 July 2007

(MY tie and dye apparel,which gotten me 72,which is a B btw..yay!)

=*m at cloud nine=

aLthough i was late for school on tuesday,after eating the cold medication on monday night,i was rather happy to find out that Veron(textile manipulation class lecturer) hand pick up my screen printed t-shirt and put it on the side which she considered good...*thanks Daphne for making my day over lunch for telling that.I wun noe if u din.

Anyway,that means i can stop falling into the "D" category...yay!double yayness!Like...fINALLy!(*A pat on your own shoulders,Joy)

Tried out the techniques of batik printing,a form of direct printing.I think i am able to do it,but it really takes a lot of patience and the ability to control my "chanteng"(a tool like a mini opium pipe that transfer hot wax onto the piece of silk).

Anyway,i cant wait for my jc class gathering at ECP.Having a picnic there with my old friends...see how time flies?*sighs...m already 22!Crazy man!"If only i could turn back time..."

Oops!...my thoughts just went rampant for awhile...*caught ya!..

Last sunday,Dee and peiwen called to ask if i can help in doing the cake decorations for peiwen's 21st birthday(Our dear peiwen went to order cake from Chocabloc,which makes yummy cakes but plain-looking ones.Thus my help was badly needed).I daringly agree though...i hope i wont make a mess out of it..*psk:"Peiwen..dun blame me if i do.

Back to schoolwork...m now entering into the last week of the block for textile manipulations and fundamentals...which means next week shall be my hellish time of the month again!Dun be surprise if i declare to be on drip...haha..lols=]

M simply waiting for the month of august...i am just gona enjoy taking only one subject then!Bliss!I can smell happiness only den!hahahas...^_*

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