Thursday, 14 June 2007

a kindred soul

Thursday, after my morning tuition,i went to the Grand Cathay at handy road to meet Jane to watch Ocean13.Afraid that i will be late,i decided to take a cab.When i reached the destination,i regretted not checking if i have anything left behind.Haha...serves me right...belatedly,only when i did not see Jane at the box office,i wanted to call her,but cannot find my new phone!My heart literally disintegrate but i my mind kept focusing on God.I did not breakdown,but tried my best to locate Jane at the cinema level,in hope of finding her.

God is faithful,i found Jane at level 5.Then i borrowed her phone to call up TransCab to report my lost.We went in to watch the movie,despite the fact that my mind was preoccupied with my lost phone.Anyway,silently i had done a prayer and immense myself in the show.Luckily,the show was really splendid and hilarious and so for about 2 hours,i did not worry too much.

After movie,Jane helped to call my phone to check if anyone had picked the phone up.The first few attempts were futile,as the phone was disconnected after a few rings.I later found out,actually the taxi driver had found the phone and was busy driving so her cant pick up the calls.He called back a few minutes later and told me to pick up the phone at the alighting point earlier on.Such wondrous blessings!God answered my prayers!I cant seem to be able to contain my joy!I kept gushing and said :"Jane, 'm so happie!","God is Good!" and "i cant believe it man!"

I got the taxi uncle a cold drink from subway, for i remembered during the journey from Tanjong Katong to Handy road,he complained about the blimey hot hot weather.I conveyed to him my sincerest thanks and took don his contact.Found out that he was a part-time driver and his actual occupation is a electrical technician.Told me to contact him if i needed his professional help.Promised that i will.He added that there is no obligations...Oh man!So good rite?i met someone good!the ending of this lost phone episode was good too!haha...thinking of that,i cant help smiling from ear to ear.=0)

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