Saturday, 21 July 2007

(clockwise from left:My design of a peonie,monarch butterfly,2-DArt Scrapbook
cover page(scored a B,which is not really too bad cuz i was very much consoled when my lecturer gave B+ for the best!lol...,zoom up picture of the cover page)

Life simply rocks after my school block ended last fri.

Had so many sleepless nights, burning midnight oil into the wee hours in the morning, doing my final projects for Textile Fundamentals & Textile Manipulation.

*Phew!..fabric book making days were over...*bless the Lord!...haha=)its really a hard time doing the burning test and searching for the characteristic of those swatches i collected...woven,knits!*eeks!I think i am a little "phor"(hokkien : curryfavour)..why do i say that?HAhas..i actually got a bar of chocolates and a thank you card for Paige,the lecturer i rather dislike...but cuz i missed the deadline for handing up her projects and afraid of her mood swings, i decided to get her something to munch. I dunno if i will fail my textile fundamentals,but i do hope not.Else i got to retake it in my next semester...*tsktsk..bad record..*die~~~~***=(

As for Textile Manipulation's final project, i think i had found a dream partner!Audrey!Hey gal..i really think our partnership in the batik,tie-dyeing and screening was sUpER DUper Great!Ur sewing was really cool too!Just wana to say:"WE MADE IT IN THE END!And u did a great job!"

U made all the process of making our apparel so fruitful and such a joy!I'll miss those silly jokes and skipping meals until 3pm for Design Cafe's nasi padang and western food!Also, the ra-ra time we had making fun of Wilson the GAY Dashu!,u are a partner to die for!yay!!!!!***~

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