Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Book Review : The 4-Hour Work Week { Timothy Ferriss}

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There is a time when Cotton,as a blogger got so soaked up and turned into a mulch with all the "dirty rainwater and sewage" (yucks**)... been uninspired lately and hence unmotivated.

So sorry for the silence. An apology should be in place. It is also apt because Cotton feels like she owe herself that much too. Recently, she has been picking herself up by indulging in some good food (a must to comfort the soul) and some good readings of course...

It took her 2 months to finally decided that parting with SGD 31.95 to buy Timothy Ferriss's phenomenal book is every cent well spent. Only merely 10 pages into her reading, her mind just did a somersault and then her fingers just had this tingling feeling of excitement to continue on reading when well pass her intended time allocated to read. So what's so interesting? Hahaaa... Cotton is starting to learn the trades of breaking rules (** eyes twinkles). If You think 50 Shades of Grey is worth reading, she bet you have not read The 4-hour Work Week. By no means she is comparing these two different genres of readings, she is just trying to say that she is questioning how can a person take in all those untrue graphical sexual ramblings and still be titillated?
Anyway, Cotton has a gut feeling that, the only possible reason why both books are best-seller is because : Both authors are teaching readers to defy rules and mock what the society wish to define as NORMS.

Now back to the topic of Normality...
By all means, Cotton is NOT normal. In fact, she is abnormal.
She claimed that because since she was a tiny cotton ball she deferred from the mainstream path which most of her peers took. She does not attempt to scale the corporate ladder, neither does she strive to be famous. Over here, she is trying to live joyfully in abundance. Not much to ask for but somehow, life can be so challenging that you wish you can raise a white flag and just come to a standstill.
Okay, Cotton is reverting to being vague and ambiguous about certain things, but all she needs to tell you is that she is trying to be relevant but at the same time obscure... You don't get it? It is okay. What she says will perhaps jump at you when you will ever come into a juncture where you wish to share your thoughts but keep to keep some privacy for yourself too.

Anyway, here comes an inspiring quote from Oscar Wilde to take back home with...

" Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

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