Thursday, 10 March 2011

Vitamins for the Mind

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Hello dear Cotton pals! 
What are you consumed by lately?
Do I have hands for "work"? 
Work is eating probably 55% of my week at stretch, hence when playtime comes, my not so secret wish is for a magic carpet to fly me to places. 
Every girl deserves to dream and live her dreams. 
However when faced with dreams versus bread and butter, which will you go after?
Practicality calls for me to choose what sustains. 
The dreams can be shelved for another 5 years before actualization.
Oh well, that is life. Truth be told, I am definitely not resigning to it, but more or less make the best out of it.

Have it ever crossed your mind that is rather
important that we should often review our perspective every now and then? Keep our thoughts in check? 
Others are permitted to think however they want, but surely you can rub off your positive energy on them rather than allowing their stinky negativity clings on you.

Cotton does not think all these should be just talk and no action, so she is going to walk her talk to her work place and watch if her mood gets more even toned and flares up lesser! Ain't you gonna try out too?

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