Sunday, 6 March 2011

On A Personal Note

Loot this Award-winning eye-lash curler from Shu Uemura. Attested to its goodness and a perfect gift to myself.

Images credit: Cottongoesballistic

When you age another year after your lovely 21st had past, you'll feel like not having a big cake to blow candles out. You detest the candles poking at the frothy creme and icing, spoiling the goods...You just want to dig in on the cake and savour the sweetness of the life awaits, either with full of promises or dread really depends on how you want to shape it. Keeping things simple, I just wanted good company to catch up on lost times and share the love and bonds we have. Knowing after all these while, we still care, by giving your personal time aside from work and the routine you so love not to disrupt. Perhaps, that is the true gift of love and that is the best gift you want after all.

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