Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Websphere: Tumblr

source: http://thecottongoesballistic.tumblr.com/

Not a few days ago, I caught the tumblr-ing virus and "pressured" to tumblr under the name CottongoesTumbling. If you are an avid tumblr, do let me know via the comment box below the post, so I can go and visit you and perhaps reblog you if I happened to spy anything I like.
My first hand experience with Tumblr is actually rather fun. As thrilling as pinning on Pin Interest.
Both gave me cheap thrills just like shopping, minus the hole in my pocket and very purse friendly. Another rationale I before I am convinced to be a Tumblr is that I do not wish to risk my hard drive from memory failure. (*people who really know me, sure see me as a magpie)

Remember to check out even if you are not a Tumblr yourself; fingers crossed, you never know you can be just like me, hooked on to it and create an account yourself too.

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