Thursday, 20 January 2011

Papergoods: Lego Letterpress

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People! I am so glad to share something so very very interesting!It excites me so much since I am a silk-screen fanatic. I love stamping tools since young. When I am in school doing my Diploma, I took textile manipulation as a core module, hence silk-screening became one of the must-do and learn printing process for fabrics. I grew deeper in love with that too. Of course, minus the lecturer who holds court.(*blah..that is another story...)

Silk-screening or some of our friends in other continents called it as letterpress is an art. Art of precision, of skill and of aesthetic. You must possess precision when you expose the image in photo-gel exposure chemical.Only then, you can get sharp images to print on the subject (i.e paper, fabrics..) When you are inking the screen to print, precision is of paramount importance to prevent smudging and also sharp images to be printed out. Pardon this blogging fan for blabbering on the may choose to escape by changing another link. 

Anyway, back to what I am saying, after all LEGO Letterpress is actually playing with the mini bricks to build the image you would like to form. How cool is that? You never know until you start visiting this and read more.

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