Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hair: Crowning Braids

IMAGE: Cannot recall, hence if you do have any idea where it orgins, please let me know.Thanks!

Wistful thinking.. I know I know, this is not something everybody can transform their crowning glory into. The clean braids across your forehead will arrest everyone's attention. It will be disastrous if not done neatly and in the right proportion to your face. One can only dream of doing this on your own, D.I.Y style. I DEFINITELY cannot. Depressing somewhat since my fingers are not as nimble pertaining to the art of twisting and turning in regards to hair.  I believe I will end up having fingers cramps! Hah! That will be such a sight. They are simply too retarded to do lovely things to my strands. However, should I possess magic fingers one day, I will try whipping wonders to the long tresses of mine.

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