Monday, 13 October 2008

We are going to the Zoo zoo zoo...How about you you you????

My adreneline kept pumping everytime i go zoo...Heehee
It seems like every year since last 07, a few of us from ADM will visit the old school zoo..its has a renewal feeling..its a pity we dun have JJ and Kaet with us this year thou.

The most handsome stallion i had every MACHO!!!!*SCREAMS

A picture of sexy pink..a kinda really HOT flora and fauna..

wHAT is THE pRICE Of A dAY OF pURE iNDULgence?A fROLIcking and BucoliC October at the price of $18!!Quite a small price to pay for compensating oneself the chance to travel oversea yea?*wheee!!!

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