Monday, 13 October 2008

i wana try and recall what i did last few weeks...the time spent at school and the times i spent with a bunch of cool arty farty people ard me!!

  1. i went to the SAM (Singapore Art Muesum), Asian Art Muesum,Asian Heritage Muesum and 8Q
  2. i think i spent my end of block with Daphne and Pearlyn at Canele
  3. i think that is pretty much i do...haha

thIS is the pie i ordered together with pearlyn...heehee

Can you spot the faint prints of bible quotes on those metallic surface?
It actually various part of an art installation by a filipino artist.Cool man!Its at 8Q

Can you spot Nick?He actually got so hype up about drafting that he climbed onto the table...look at the various yoga position!Damn funny la...

A cuppa hot chocolate from MAC LubF-lee...Awww..

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