Saturday, 24 November 2007

see this vespa!!so damn cool vroom!!

school is passe...HUGS MY HOLIDAYS!!!

today is a brand new day...yesterday i went window shopping with kaet and jacq..Daphne came along too,but left us shortly after to meet her friend=)

We went school yesterday for the Triumph Inspiration 2008 design competition brief.The mould of the bras are passed around the lecture room..some adm guys who are not gay,was rather disturb to be touching those funny!!*gagahgah..zomg

The prize money is very'll help me pay off my school fees and may help to add some colours into my CV...wheeee****I am taking part!!i wana buy some hope..dream some..anyway dreaming doesn't cost much..all it does to one's mind is simply feeding some good imaginations and let u feel unrealistic for awhile..even if dream don't come true..its not gona hurt any bit...maybe when one gets too old and too jaded then he/she became unable to dream..

dream a little dream with me.....

At haji lane yesterday,i managed to catch sights of those 3 ginger cats at this shop called kawaii neh!!!I cuddled lauuff-ly!!!I WAN CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wah cha wah cha..*brawling

I saw many interesting things too..there is this london bus earrings..very english!So made a pact with kaet to buy it together next celebrate the opening of ...its not officially opened nothing is posted in that url..try logging in next month...hahas..anyway,i will announce..
what does this holidays holds in store for me?
...make more accessories for londonbus
...go have dinner at Rochester Park??
...go for Millenia Walk Most Hip Christmas outfit for inspirations for the Triumph competition
...learn fashion production drawing from Jane's Mom..Aunty Ros,when are you free to give me lessons????
...go malacca
...earn more money from tutition
....the list will just goes on...and on..and on
*whee x 1000

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