Thursday, 8 November 2007

RANdoM pHOtos........................................=)

the Scarlet Hotel along Ann Siang St

loo..ove the interior to bits and pieces.tHey have the sexy baroque style..oh man!Everything insides shouts G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!
dIsH is her typical "bewildered" look.
"Surrender your weapons,PINKO!!Hands up,fluff-ball !!"(*seen this at Ann Siang Hill...along the shophouses)
courtesy of jj...haha...i noe u sorta try to "conciliate" u wore this shirt for me to take photo!i am so easily placate w anything or everything catty!!

melted mac's ice-cream cone along the tanah merah mrt tracks.This caucasian roundish boy,decided that he dun wana it,so he threw it out of the train when he tot nobody see.Well.."too bad boy,i caught u in the act..but too late to catch u red-handed."~*such inconsiderate and selfish behavior!It cannot be condone!!!

eileen and i at call pa's birthday party.
can u spot the curious terrier looking out of the passenger seat window?It seems to be enjoying the street hilarious.*took it at novena
playful boy at Global Glass art scoo..where kaeting works.This cute boy boy played catch with me and "cook some food" for me at the masak masak counter=)
saw this bakery shop at maxwell market.LAUGH OUT LOUD..If u still dunno why..its seems like a parody of the hollywood star BRAD PITT

florence,the birthday gal!
Dinner at 7pm at DS canteen.
party food at call pa's house....
Call Pa..u are a lucky man!!!
show me ur pearlies!!

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