Friday, 3 August 2007

I have a love-hate relationship with digital essentials...i like the lecturer..but dislike the technical stuff.
Hate also the fact that i haven got enough $$ for a mac.
Went to school on THURSDAY and made a pact with daphne to sit in front of the class for yongkin lesson.We did a very outrageous thing...we made ourselves wear shorts so that we can sit attentively smacking right in the front of the OHP screen..alike the 1st day of school for the P1.Hey yongkin,u have 2 loyal fans!*hees
Remembered my 2D 1m x 1m fashion illustration.Finally retrieved it with Zaihan's help.
i think its rather cool..*blushed

Took train to paya lebar for tuition.Enjoyed the journey,cuz Daphne and i shared a lot together.
I was super hungry the whole time tuitioning the kid...): *bleah
Only manage to grab a bite after that.Got a shitake mushroom bread from Bakers' Well at Katong.Hmm..taste not bad.Probably its because i was super damn hungry lah.Can slaughter a cow n devour it man!hahas...

While on bus 14,i passed by katong and siglap..saw many eateries popping out like little green shoots.All beckoning me to try them out one by one...=x
I should oraganise an eating spree with my friends.
Shall wait till September break.Oh ya!I nearly forgot about Miss Clarity Cafe at Tanjong Katong...i think its their 2nd outlet after the Purvis Street success?Well it has many people raving at its good food n ambiance.Affordable too.Well,i have not grace it yet..shall find a chance man!=)

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