Thursday, 2 August 2007

Blimey!I got Cheryl for gracing my evening!

-1 august 2007-

Got up late!yay!Enjoyed my beauty rest man! to WEDNESDAY!

Finally got a chance to get Cheryl out for dinner with me...hehehs..(:

Good thing that YooSong cannot make it for tuition..i got more time to make my way down to CityHall to browse around on my own..

Bought a box of 6 donuts for my good friend from a new donut shop in Tanjong Katong.The donuts there are super soft and fingers-licking goo..OO..od!haha..a plus point is that it has no long queue!i ordered 2 to eat-in and oh man!They are so good and echos what the shop psychos " one is not enough" takes all my will power to refuse a second order..."the equation of more donuts means i will put on more pounds" :P

Cheryl and i went poking our heads into Topshop,Zara and Mango scavenging for some sales items..some are really so cool and nice..but the price tags stands in our way.After some close-up,zoom-in selection,i have gotten myself a cheap purchase.So worth it!

Den we headed for Carl's' Junior mushroomy,cheesy burger...we bought a combo meal and half the burger to share it's calories among the two of us.

Reached home and managed to catch only a sad ending of the Hongkong drama serial "Spilt Seconds" on Channel U...oh sad to the the story...the heroes all died!So tragic...die more nice show to follow-up and watch..*bleah!

Den heard that minx cousin of mine got herself in trouble...Oh Little Reene..You're only 4-and-a-half years old and yet you dear to open the car door and wanted your little sister to be thrown out?Aiyoh!What's the matter with you? are just like that!And that girl just dunno her limits and grew too bold..* that happened,her mom caned her and forbade her thurs visit to our house...which means that i will not get to see her for 2 weeks!I feel so sad for that child...she is always in trouble but she is very lovable's all the poor parenting she gets at home..poor gal..i know you lacks attention right?Just let you know that Joy jie jie loves you always no matter what...may you learn your lesson and cease to be so reckless alrite?

here is the origami card i had made for angela!lol...

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