Saturday, 23 June 2012

Learning from the Master...

Images by Cottongoesballistic. Origami Dresses in 4 different versions. You may wish to follow me on instagram via @joyfulneko)

The weekend has come! Yippeee~ 
Dear ones, how are you spending your weekend? Needless to say for Cotton, she has got to do lots of Cinderella work... The invisible dusty friends have once again invaded her space irritating her very much with sinus. *Dunk!

Anyhow, Cotton was on Pinterest just now, and came across a really interesting blogger, Jessica Hische, who shares about something close to heart.
You can read the article here, she has well-laid out her views in a very concise manner. Addressing the distinction between Inspiring and Imitating. As a designer, Cotton has very often went into this kind of insecurities about her work. Put up your hands if you are like Cotton... we are so expose to the works of our "Heroes" so much so that we are incapacitated by our imitating abilities and decidedly lack out own input of creativity in our work.

Hopefully after reading her write-up, you'll be as refreshed as ever!
Happy Weekend!

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