Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Little Voice

Hello...It is amazing that I have become less active over here. Cottongoesballistic must confess. She is doing too much socializing over at her Facebook space and had long forgotten the blog she started. Yes. I am abashed and ashamed. 

This space was not intended to be so quiet. After all, it should be peppered with snippets of life's learning journey and interesting affairs that is going on.
Hmmm...Such as leaving footprints on the soft sand? 
Oh well, it is ok, we all carry on with life without looking back, don't we?
No. We don't. We reflect.

If you have not realized, by now you should...This post has no visual treat or whatsoever. 
Cottongoesballistic is really using this post to do a personal rambling.... I cannot promise if you are going to like it or not, but if you are in to know a little bit more about people's thoughts, maybe you will like it. 

So... there is this quiet little voice nudging me last Sunday to quit Facebook for a while. Something you do when you feel it has taken a strong control over your life? I am addicted. For someone who like to "poke" and be "nosy" like me... I generally was "feeding" on the Facebook news feed. Well, not just that. I am equally guilty in clicking as many "likes" and commenting too much on other's post. 
I felt disgusted with myself. Am I so deprave to be part of everyone's life? Is Facebook taking over my life? Has it turn into a habit that is hard to quit? 
Its is scary thinking about these questions. My fear led me to do a "Facebook Sabbatical" challenge.
The rule is just about " no re-posting of personal thoughts, comments, likes and dislikes, happenings, pictures and the likes..."

Sounded simple? Wait till you try it. It was not. I am glad that I made it through the 3rd day and counting. That is the best part. 
Want to know the worst parts? It sucks to obey my own rule! 
Before going on about the worst part, I am to tell you that I am still on Facebook every now and then in between breaks during work and commuting from place to place. Have I defeated the challenge I set up? 
No, because I did not post any pictures relating to my life when I can easily do so. 
For instance, whenever I instagram ( i am using Iphone with a photo twittering kind of Apps), pictures can be easily uploaded onto Facebook. 
Alright, bravo, no pictures. Checked. Then comes the "frustrating" part...
So I read people's post and comments. You know what? I itched to comment, re-post something I like or wanted to just clicked the "like" button so damn much!
The evil me was having so many moments of battling with the good me. Of course the latter won( so far so good)! 

Perhaps it is too early to say, but I am still going strong. I will want it to be a as long as I can help myself kind of challenge. I want to break free! I am telling myself this:"Unless my struggles diminish over the days and I can start trusting myself with this Facebook, I am going to just let the fasting continue."

Dear friends, by now if you have not yet tire yourselves reading this, I wish you to thank you. I would also like to challenge you to break free of what is binding you these days. A habit is bad when it became an addiction and took over your life. This addiction may be very harmless, and you may unknowingly succumb to it one day without realizing it. Cottongoesballistic is the the wisest to do the preachy stuff, but her little voice needs to speak, so take it as a pinch of salt if you find what she says here very offensive. After all, this is her little space to share her journey in life, the way she sees it! :)

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