Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Trending Designer: Gorman

Image is screenshot of Gorman Online.
Image courtesy of Cottongoesballistic

Image courtesy of Cottongoesballistic: picture taken @ Brisbane, Queensland.
Cottongoesballistic goes globe-trotting to Australia. I have visited 3 cities of Australia and each place simply made me lust for more. With each passing day, you get so tempted to bargain with the devil. Of course that is a bigger joke if I really did. My insatiable travel lust seems unable to be quenched so easily. Still, happy times fly and so when the days close in for me to say bye bye, I squeezed in precious hours to visit this artsy fartsy street of Sydney, Paddington. It was amazing! Since it was my last day and I have told myself before I went on the trip. Refrain from using cards to sign off my loots. The bills will come to haunt me if I do, straight after my return from a stress-free trip. 

The last few pennies are parted with the purchase of this colorful socks! Perfect to match my dessert boots!

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