Sunday, 24 April 2011

Feet Comfort: Another Acquisition

Sole Lovers Peep toes wedges in sienna(bows) and saddle-brown(body); retailed @ 59SGD

See the cute quote in the insoles! Hype!

All Images by Cottongoesballistic
Why I am being such a show off today? Oh no no, ladies and gentlemen, do not get the wrong idea. My sole intention is just to share this pair of soles is indeed food for the soles( pun intended). Have you not know my perpetual pain in the ass problem? Cotton has a pair of genetic flat feet with no arch. Yes, totally flat. If you google "flat feet", you will find medical sources that will go in length to speak of the condition... sighs. As if that is not bad enough, over the years, my feet have developed bunions. That itself is another undesirable condition that can occur to any individuals,especially women. 

Phew! It seemed that I unwittingly gone into too much rambling of my poor feet and have yet to touch on what I am moved to write in this post. Thank you for bearing with me. Anyhow, cut story short, both conditions couple with my feet size of 40/41, finding the right fitting pair of shoes has become a real-time menacing chore. Very often I have to trawl my feet in search of the "glass slipper(s)". I have to forgo aesthetic for comfort. Now! Have you any idea how thrilled I was when I saw this pair that fits the bill? Yea.. Nothing beats the relieve and joy each time I found these gems. Next on the list shall be a buttery pair of TOD's for ladies. 

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