Friday, 18 March 2011

Product Insight: Scent of Life

Image Source: CB I hate Perfume Gallery
Remember a few posts back, I blogged about a picture took of my vanity table arranged with bottles of perfumes? Some are gifts whereas others are bought from wholesalers who made these bottles of dreams affordable.
Now that I read about CB I Hate Perfume, I kind of hate being classified under his list of "smelling like everyone else". Truly, I am not a cookie cutter either, whenever I go for scent, I want to be able to let the scents speak for me. I favour floral scents that resemble spritz of the meadows/roses/freshness. I dislike Chanel signature bottles because they are too worldly to my likings... However, if you go on reading CB I Hate Perfume products, you may begin to think the Christopher Brosius does has a point in his own view towards each individual smelling alike etc.. 
Hmmm... for now, I am not entirely bought over by his views, but those who are interested, click here to read up more about him!

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