Saturday, 12 February 2011

Real Life: Bottles of Dreams

Images credit to CottongoesBallistic

My vanity corner back home had a fresh new look after massive wiping and cleaning in preparation for the Lunar New Year. Those who of non-Asian roots may not know that it is a MUST to give your living space a freshen up such that your place will befits visitors to your home for the customary Lunar New Year celebrations.

Believe what you may, I am not always a neat prig. Tendencies or blaming it on habitual practice... "Be Warn" my room usually went into an onslaught of "chaotic mess", which only I can seek out items I need whenever I want. Hence, everything when things become this neat, I had problem searching for things. Such troubles go on till my brain decides to register the various location of my items. When that happened, soon after I will be nagged into cleaning up my boudoir again. Ha~

p.s: Most Bottles are gifts or either bought from wholesalers...

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