Sunday, 27 February 2011

Interior: Cool Homes

Image Source: Trendland/ Home of Marie Olsson Nylander
What will you consider to be a dream home? For me, I opt for ample natural lighting. Eclectic furniture that give character and soul to the interior without being too oppressing. That may not sound much, but I guess as I typed these words, my mind is popping dream bubbles, so please pardon cotton goes ballistic..
( *for more of Marie Olsson Nylander's interior shots, click here)


Ezequiel said...

Your idea of a beautiful home is simple and elegant. It would be a wonderful place to live in. =)

Ezequiel Brojakowski

Joy Yao said...

Hello Ezequiel,

Thanks for the comment. Even though this reply may come late, but it was great having someone else in another corner of the world participate in a dream I had concocted! :)