Thursday, 16 December 2010

These Days, I am simply not entirely up to anything, apart from parking my ass in front of my MacBook screen, playing catch with my 2 felines,watch TV and watch the minute hand ticks. Watch Tee Vee somemore then snooze. PERFECTLY lazy. Not enthuse or be enthuse about a thing for more than 10 minutes.Seemed like I am in a doldrums before something exciting comes my way.

So! I am getting my ass off the comfy warm chair and go window shopping. I have a list of places to go and visit but lack heart to trot round town to every single one. One must be realistic. Shall just stick with 2 places to go then.

Ok, just before I go off, I would like to share what I had come you see the illustration above? It comes from this website called "I want to be Her". I find the blog very real and really a reflection of how we consciously and unconsciously tend to tell ourselves that when we see someone on the street with the kind of style and look you wish you can emulate.
It is a fairly new website and I can see its as the next FaceHunter that post "manually photography"( hand-drawn sketches)!

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