Friday, 24 December 2010

Nail Talk: Glitter Glam

image from me, bought two vials of nail polish from Ettusais, a cosmetic brand from Japan. Painted my nails peachy pink and added fairy sparkle at the tip for the touch of BLING! *sorry about the picture, it was taken using my very lousy LG chocolate phone. Intending to splurge on a point and shoot camera. So I can take better shots.
Bought over! Totally bought over the glitter glam theme this Christmas season! This weekend is going to be a flurry of merry activities. Shall just flout all rules and party! Me too is in a denial to watch the digits in my bank account dwindle with every purchase made with my card. Stupid me for not able to resist buying. It is sort of a floodgates, once you start, you cannot stop yourself. Since I am not affording myself a holiday, I will pamper myself in small ways. More so for good measure,since your friend, that's me, had a commissioned design project to do. Yippee. This the season to be merry... ... ( the song is played right now in my head!) Perhaps Christmas may not have the special celebratory mode for some, but hey! you still got to love it, since it is a given public holiday which means no laboring at work. Who will not appreciate a half day off for Christmas eve for those who are working adults. *winks.

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