Wednesday, 17 November 2010

WAR paint!!!Not.

makeup artistry by jessica tarazi..via

i cant remember the link. Pls email me if you do.

I am really into eye makeup. Can't help scouring,,vanityfair, nylon...etc. for makeup for eye-candies! my mouth just go OOOh~ ahhhh! sometimes those rad makeup makes me dream of owning all the eyeshadow palette and fake lashes Shu Umeura and M.A.C professionals have! I am thinking to myself..since my peepers are always so droopy especially I have to wake up so early, ain't it good to dress them up a little for vanity,as little for camouflage sake.

Camouflage[kam-uh-flahzh] is a method of crypsis;concealment by some means that alters or obscures the appearance.

So in this case..i think i always need a little something to obscure the dark rings, brightening my day just so,depending on the mood i have for the particular day.

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