Thursday, 24 June 2010

*picture was taken by creature comforts

I just had dinner with my group of pretty Flair Ladies!
Went to P.S Cafe located at Harding Road, or better known as the famous Dempsey Road for wine and dine. We had the most scrumptious and satisfying meal that i am sure none of us contested.
However, heavens forbid that i had forgotten what the dish name i ordered as my mains.
No worries though..i had the most awesome french fries called Truffled Mushroom Fries!
Technically, the fries dun come with the mushroom, but drizzled with Truffled Mushrooms Oil!
Exotic aint it?

Haaahaa...if you are still not sure what are truffled mushrooms, i have done a quick search through the web and i got the most layman answers from highly prized and rare mushroom (fungus), that grows underground near the roots of trees.
And since they are rare culinary delights too, the plate of fries cost $15 SGD.

Last of all, this meal comes about mostly because of our dear Michelle. This slim babe is heading down under at Brisbane to continue on her studies. All the best Babe!

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