Thursday, 3 December 2009

( lovelies lego set built by Frank Lloyed Wright Lego Sets. Amazing^_^)

I dunno what has gotten over me after days of being sickly and self digressing in work and life.
Perhaps it was the rain or the chill, but i cannot excuse myself of all these lamentations!

It was often in times of after feeling desperate and wallowing in self-pity that i decided to be determined
enough to make a change in my perspective. Well, people surrounding me tend to rub me off in a good way, which is a bonus to improve my mood. What makes the most difference is God's love.

You see, this love that He gave is so warm and it empowers me to look up and not down.
Casting all my anxiety aside, He burdens himself with them.
Maybe you may think that is not enough to convince anyone, but with the approach of Christmas,
this simple truth reminded me once againthat Christ carry our Cross. His blood washes my sin. I cannot forgive myself if i continued on to dwell on my begone state of mind.
Considering all these, i wanted to be empowered and indeed i Am Empowered this day.
Positive vibes stopped deluding me and i felt the sudden rush of lightness in my gait.
Instant Transformations was what i had encountered.

Let me share a little about my day, i reached school around 20mins past 9 a.m and my progress for drafting was really unproductive. I psyched myself to just carry on and stopped worrying about making mistakes on my pattern drafting. So as the hours ticked away, i managed to learn quite a bit more doing my BasicCam lesson,despite my struggles to figure out what the lecturer was saying.( Our lecturer has a language problem, she is mandarin speaking with years of experience...that explains her problem of lisping with extra "Sssss" and weird usage of engrish words to "express" to us the terms used in Gerber Technology)

After 2+++ hours of struggling with new hands on knowledge, Kaeting, Clar and i rushed down to Swagath to collect our fabrications order. Since today was Starbucks Charity Drive for the Salvation Army, Joy decided to join in the relatively short queue for free Toffe Nut Latte @Raffles City. That cuppa coffee worked wonders and uplifted my mood more than a notch! That did not last long enough, because right after, she drenched her hair,cardigan and skirt with it when she tried to hold on to the paper cup on one hand and opened the umbrella with another for the downpour ;(
As the saying goes, double blessings comes in pairs, so does mishaps. They seem to come thrice-fold to my lot.
Clar's tonged slippers broke and she had to walk bare-footed to Swagath.
Then at Swagath, Clar's order was wrong and Kaeting can't find her invoice to make her payment.Journey back to school was spent longer than usual in the jam-packed peak hours CTE and PIE.
We wasted altogether 4hours of daylight that were probably better off spent drafting. Sighs~~~the inevitable.

Oh well, silver linings appeared after all those silliness.I felt so refreshed all of a sudden!
Somehow,God seemed to sprinkled some magical sawdust clearing away my block nose, enlightening me in my drafting and best of all i worked hyper fast till 11.15pm and went home!
Amen to all things good! Wheee~~~

May my positive vibes be carried on to the morrow!

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