Monday, 2 November 2009

Awesome sunday spent with Jassybee.

Went down to Orchard to research on our benchmarkers, British India and Islandshop.

I splurge on friends big time!Cuz i just gotten my tuition pay.
Dun ask me why.
BUt i just have this insane compulsion to bless Caiying and Jassybee.
Got Caiying a box of Royce potatochips dipped with choco and Jassybee a box of milk choco.
For myself, i just treated myself to a pot of Jade Peony white tea form Marmalade Pantry @Ion.
Dinner was a bowl of ramen from Tampopo.
Guys dun eat ramen from there. The soup base is simply so salty and i am sure they spare no mercy when
they use MSG.How i know?
I was uber thirsty after dinner. U know as thirsty as a dog that stuck its tongue out and pants on
a sunny day? that's how i feel.

Night time was spent collecting birks which i ordered from
Those papillos where so cheap u know. No shipping cost. hahaa...
shuyi, jane, caiying, jean and myself got ourselves one pair each as the sale prices were ridiculously cheap!
mine cost only $37!

Anyways...FYP is really stressing me out. I need to learn how to pray for my lackings and short-comings...waking up on time is still a bane...worst still, having the habitualness of dallying after waking up.

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