Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I am so in love with this more than 3k camera. Its the latest Leica M8.2.
Omg, i can die dreaming when will i be fortunate enough to splurge on it.

I think my life is interesting enough in its incessant wants and unfulfilled needs.

Anyway, now that i know my boss more, i started to like her...hees..
What's more lovable is that she is going to be on leave starting tomorrow till i guess next week!
Glad that i can skive a lil while she is away.
U know u always tend to have the nagging feeling that someone is breathing down your neck whenever u are at work?
I prefer a more easy-going work environment.With silly talks and all.
Starting to love the old fellas at my internship company.
They called meby the name of  "Ah Jie"...haaha...(*its like so Chi-na sounding..but i like it anyway*)

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