Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This quote is sweetness!

For once Japanese lesson is fun.I think.
Minus the fact that the test is not exactly easy.
I think i will pass indefinitely!

Jap classmates and i had fun toying with the idea of ninja teleporting into the modern world.
We had so much fun discussing.
All those random silliness just pops up everywhere...from nowhere.
It just so happen that the one and only guy in my group has to act as ninja.
Can't imagine him doing all so drama moves and speech..
Well, u know he is the "cool" and quiet sort, dun talk much but cant resist the stoopid stuff valerie, vanessa and i talked about.
So what he do?
He tried to hide his amusement.
What the heck!

Oh swell! i saw pretty things online again.
Wallet is definitely looking empty.
Just goo-goo gah gah over them will do for now.
Heh heh...*grins and rubbed both hands.
I will get my itchy hands on them when i start working!

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