Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Line Work that summon my mediocre Japanese linguistic skills..."Sugoi ne!"

I have a facebook account and then i decided i wanted something like tumblr, where i can post up favourite pictures i see,instead of taking up more of my comp memory space...lols.
I got a new account called

This Quote describe me best. Make me more motivated to go work in the morning...*silly guffaws like those walruses in antartica..dun think i make sense, then go be senseless!

Today i feel numb to drafting...cuz the second day of interning is still seem as if i am in school taking APP3 lesson. Pathetic. WOrst thing is that you are smack right in the middle of the office room and the DigiMArk printer is just right beside making all the (zzeeee, jegjegjeg keeeee x 10000) can be so craze and nursed a headache at the end of the day...*geez

Okay...ending with this gastronomical delight picture of a lavender cookie. DUn blame me for choosing biscotti over other food. I really love sweets...i got bad bout of sweet tooth frenzie the point of obsession...*winks you'll know what i mean...lols

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