Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Kate Heyes: I love her illustrations of the famous Louboutin! Line work is so simple and cool!
Picture by Geoff Ang.

I happen to stay up late...so felt the urge to talk to my friend who is on my facebook but has not been speaking much to each other....all of us are bound to get so caught up like me with your life till you felt that 24hrs is really hard to stretch to far,ever since i  have joined the 24 yr old club.
Oh well...for every season in life and at each stage , God has plan for you to meet with different people and doing different things. He meant all these to prosper me and make me grow in wit and sensitivity towards life and His creation.

Sharing about rebuilding relationship and picking up, i believe it takes actions more than words...such as a perfect picture requires hours of preparations and honing of photography skills ...there is more! Study and be tutored by the Light and Color studies is not only fundalmental, but also requires a talent that is blesses upon even before one is born. We shall walk, but ultimately we may not be the one actually walking our own path.

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