Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I realised i need to clean up my room after hearing pearlyn talks about how happy she felt after clearing hers.

I probably need a new shelves for my collections of magazines and new books.
Gosh! My room is really untidy!!
Yesterday, i washed and emptied the back-dated loads of laundry and when they were sun-kissed dried already, i brought them indoors.Then, i realized there were no place to store them. My wardrobe is practically ballooning out of proportion.Sighs...

here is a list of things that i need to make my room a friendlier place ot sleep in...
  1. a new carpet
  2. a new mat
  3. a new set of curtains ( maybe i should wash them)
  4. a book storage shelf
  5. a wardrobe
  6. a fresh new coat of paint
  7. a hand-hold steamer for my clothes.(i hate the old iron that's really heavy)
  8. a new set of bedsheets
  9. a new desk that will be big enough for my Singer sewing machines and space for me to do my paper pattern
  10. a table lamp

Tomorrow, i shall come up with a list of things i should do over the weekend to make my room tidier and dust free...my sensitive nose is giving me probs!!!=(

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