Thursday, 8 January 2009

* i saw these note-worthy's pictures and illustration.=)

i started my italiano class.

As usual i was late. Thankfully i found favour in the lecturer's eyes.

Simply because i watched Twilight and picked up some greeting words from the dialogue.

i greeted the lecturer,Sabrina, "Buongiorno!"

She asked me a few more questions thinking i might know the answers. I was lucky.

Got a few right. But then when comes to a game quiz, i lost all three tries.


Then things dun turn out so good after all.

I cannot find my thumbdrive after i reached home and wanted to do my illustrating work
with illustrator.


Tomorrow is submission for the assignment and i cannot find my thumbdrive, thus cannot complete my work or possibly have to re-do all the 3-days worth of straining my eyes and looking at vector lines and what's not...sigh...i cannot believe i am so stupid. *slap both hands on my forehead....

All i can do now is pray and i alr got all my trusted prayer mates to pray for me.

Funny thing is that that toot toot Kenny also in the same boat as me. At least i dun roar like he does. I am so prepared for the worst. Just fail the 1st assignment. God is there to walk beside him because i trust in his miracles. Things happen for they are in his plan. Just see how and no matter what pray!

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