Wednesday, 31 December 2008

i think what u wear really speaks who you want people to see you as and how much respect you have for people you are meeting. There is definitely no 2 ways about it. Sure, we can say we dress to the occasion, but i just think that too many of them out there just dun get it that when they want to dress solely for comfort, they lose their hindsight that the layers that protect and shield you from the elements are gona speak for you even before you open your mouth.

Yes, i do agree such things have to come with years of experimenting with your wardrobe and also sense of personality n thus style. Devoid of such a sense, nothing you put together is gona be "walking out of the door" material...haha

I must also bring to this point of misconception that what is really important is the inner content and not the outward view. In this point, i just want to justify that we are all basically very visual person. We all have sins,therefore when we see things, we tends to be critical and we definitely looks for perfection and its existence. The absence of balance in the visual sensory department can can pass on a faster message to the brain than the duration of getting to know the intended party of scrutiny.

At the end of the day, its just my take on why people should spend some time on grooming and not neglect their personal hygiene and style!=)

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