Friday, 5 December 2008

A Child Innocent love for Fun and Play

Above are all the background collage i made to launch my children's wear collection for my school ADP(Apparel Design Project 02).
i worked all the way since wed night at 11.30 pm all the way till 3.30am on wed.
*Phew!I got to know that i scored an A+ for this!* happy.

Oh! It has been a while since i blog, but each time i got down to seriously let my fingers fly and glide over the keypads on my laptop, i just know i want to do so meaningful.Not just an update but also a infusion of my person touch to my blog.
As i mentioned in my earlier posts, Christmas is coming and my endorphin is reaching rocket high.

i have been really into detective thrillers.The gripping story of how evil exist and taints the on.I love books. If there ever is a place i want to be,it'll be either with God's presence or with my books.=)

*simply loves and simple lives...

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